Understand the moment, unlock the power of innovation

In our age of rapid change, launching new products is getting riskier. How do you identify the moments of extraordinary innovation potential for your business?

Successful innovation is driven by a clear understanding of how and why people use products and services in real life – the needs they have, and how well they are met in each specific moment.

We help you unlock these crucial moments that drive innovation, giving you the ultimate competitive edge.


Our Innovation & Product Development research tools:

Pinpointing opportunities for growth

Improve your innovation success rates dramatically with Matrix, our systematic approach to identifying and prioritising incremental growth opportunities at the very start of the innovation journey.

From insights to winning concepts in seven days

Seven is an intensive and integrated early-stage innovation approach that delivers sharply defined, validated concepts in just seven working days – a process which typically takes several months.

Co-create new campaign or product ideas embedded in real-life moments

ThinkTank is a simple, yet powerful approach to online communities that allows you to get a quick and intelligent point of view from the ground on the burning issues facing your brand.

Translating insights into actions

Activation Workshops are interactive, full-day sessions designed to bring research insights to life and deliver tangible action plans that meet your strategic objectives.

Prioritising winning concepts

Concept eValuate is a suite of concept testing solutions that identifies new product ideas with the most potential to succeed in market and generate top-line business growth

Building winning market scenarios

ValueManager is a choice modelling tool that identifies the combinations of product features and price that appeal the most to consumers, helping you align your pricing strategy with their value perceptions.

Developing superior products

Product eValuate is a suite of product testing solutions that helps you optimise your products for launch. It evaluates product performance in context and identifies improvements that will maximise growth

Inspire ‘what if’ moments to create breakthrough concepts

SuperGroup is a co-creation workshop which brings your team together with creative consumers and inspiring experts to generate powerful ideas and exciting concepts.

Implementing winning launches

Launch eValuate forecasts the sales growth your new product will deliver with twice the accuracy of other services, taking into account all the touchpoints that influence consumer decision-making.

Identify winning concepts fast

Concept screening decisions are some of the most critical in the innovation process – and often time-sensitive. eValuate express identifies winning concepts in as little as 24 hours.

Crafting products for launch readiness

Product eValuate tests how well products fit with consumer expectations, and identifies the improvements you need to drive repeat sales.

Driving launch success

Post-launch eValuate mines social data to understand the response to your recently launched products and services, informing how to improve them or change communications to drive launch success.

Optimising launch success

Double the accuracy of in-market sales forecasts with our individual-based approach. Launch eValuate will ensure that your launch makes a positive contribution to top-line growth.

How we’ve helped our clients

Drive growth through opportunities in new segments

Matrix, Innovation & Product Development, FMCG

The challenge

A leader in imported beer wanted to explore opportunities within the growing segment of lighter, more drinkable products, to address slowing sales and profits.

Our approach

We used Matrix, a systematic approach to directing and prioritising innovation opportunities to evaluate the landscape of over 50 beers, understand tensions and unmet needs, and reveal the real potential from different drinking occasions.

The insight

We identified a major gap in the largest need-state for beer, where brand value, product value and satisfying drinkability intersect. Meeting this unmet need would appeal to underdeveloped customers, drive incremental growth and enhance brand equity.


The client developed an entire business plan around the need-state, and the resulting product launch exceeded sales goals by more than 50 per cent.